My disease timidly pointed at my throat, the home of my voice, hinting that perhaps, unexpressed feelings, thoughts and creativity are not benign after all.

Food for Throat | On nourishing your body

It’s been a while since I finished writing a blog post. My secret stack of unfinished articles has been growing steadily and it seems that I’ve done a great job at making sure none of them will ever see the light of day.

Here comes the Sun

This is the unusual story of how “A Breath of White Space” was born, a podcast for creatives about creativity, being a human and how simplicity can help along the way.

An Unusual Podcast Birth Story

Can you go for an entire week without any reading or media of any kind? This is something that I resisted at first, and I would hazard a guess and say not many of us would look forward to these days. But I was surprised to find this was a wonderfully restoring experience. Here’s what’s came out of it.

It’s oh, so quiet: a week of reading deprivation

What if the key to finding your way was to allow yourself to get lost? In a world where we’re obsessed with certainty, it is more than healthy to take the scenic road and go off path to explore what feels right, and what doesn’t.

Why you Should Get Lost to Find your Way

When last did time stand still for you? Look at what your watch is telling you. Make time count. Make space for humans. For wonder. For gratitude and creation.

When Time Stands Still

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