And that really matters because I wholeheartedly believe they are the ones who can drive meaningful change in the world and spark all sorts of magical things around them through their art.

I'm a coach, musician, writer and podcaster, who is passionate about waking the most daring, unapologetic, creative badass in you.

(Also, I'm French in case you were wondering about the accent.)


with moi

As a musician and enthusiastic wanna be writer, I know first hand how self-doubt, conditioning, comparison, limiting beliefs and thought patterns can interfere with your creativity and ability to see projects through.

Putting your heart out in the open feels all sorts of risky and scary. It can feel awfully lonely too. Not to mention how most of us still have day jobs or children to look after too.

How would it feel to be deeply connected to your creativity and what creative living looks like for you? To find the confidence to show up as an artist unapologetically, and make bold moves in your career? How would it feel to find more headspace, clarity and confidence to  allow your vision to come to life?


I'm passionate about creating a space where you can explore your creativity to your heart’s content, dare to take risks, unearth unexplored resources, try new things, challenge your thought tendencies and habits while finding clarity and focused, creative flow in the process.

That's where I come in

(cue dramatic music here)

I help you navigate the treacherous course of creative living
with joy, wonder, courage, ease and flow.

my long and winding road to coaching

(yes, this is the short version)

I sat at a piano with my mom since before I can remember.

Growing up, I always felt like an outsider but I found that the arts gave me a playground in which I could truly be myself. I trained at the French Conservatoire in music theory and cello, I played in various orchestras in different countries, made an appearance or two on TV, co-wrote and recorded an album album with a post-rock band. To this day I love nothing more than performing on stage.

Anyway, not only did these few years abroad got me speaking English fluently, that's also where I found a South African boyfriend now turned husband. Score.

Real life, in the form of a substantial student loan and the 2008 financial crisis caught up with me, which led me to join the corporate world in Dubai first, and South Africa next, where I worked in marketing and advertising. During that time, I desperately tried to fit in a mould that was never designed for me and music started to fade away without me even noticing.

Then this happened:

That was before I admitted to myself I wanted to write books, not translate them. 

In my early twenties I developed a case of seriously itchy feet, so I hopped across the Channel with my cello on my back to explore living in the UK, Germany and Ireland. Other than music, literature and art were my other loves, so I studied English literature, history of art and translation at University College London, La Sorbonne Nouvelle and Dublin City University, where I got a Master's degree in literary translation.

Just before giving birth to our son Louis, I decided to quit my job and start my own graphic design business, which I ran successfully for two years on too much caffeine and too little sleep (not recommended).

Life introduced another plot twist when in 2017 Tim's job led us to relocate to Zambia, where I went through a bit of an existential crisis after a difficult relocation, going through a miscarriage and feeling the first symptoms of an autoimmune condition yet to be diagnosed. I felt completely disconnected from myself, my body, my purpose and my creativity, which this led me to question everything.

That's when I found coaching, and my calling.

Coaching was a profoundly transformative experience for me, that helped me come home to myself in a way I had never experienced before. And just like that, I started writing again, painting again, playing music again, and fulfil my lifelong dream of singing.

I knew I wanted to pay it forward. I just had to help other artists and creatives believe in their talent and manifest their true potential.

In 2018, I started training with ICF accredited Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and later on joined Sas Petherick's coach mentoring programme.

Now I pinch myself everyday that I get to do this for a living.

My son however would prefer it if I were a ninja.

Want to chat over tea?


If you’re curious about coaching with me, you can book a no obligation, complimentary chat of 30 min, when you can ask me any burning questions you might have and chat about what you’re hoping to get out of coaching. I'll be in touch to arrange a date and time and send you a little preparatory questionnaire ahead of time.

We'll connect via Zoom on the day and you can just imagine we're sitting at an understated - yet trendy - Parisian café in Le Marais while we dive into your hopes and dreams (croissants not included).

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