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I help artists and creatives who want to have an impact through their work, befriend their self-doubt and feel braver in their life and creative work - so they can stop procrastinating and bring their creative goals to life.


Creative entrepreneur planning a new art exhibition

No it’s not your eyes. This newsletter is looking different.

And it got a new title. A simpler title. A French one too. 

L’artiste“. Simple, efficient, to the point. Would it be a little pretentious to admit I was inspired by French newspaper Le Monde?

I love all forms of artistic expression. Art is what makes me feel the most at home within myself and in the world around me. So it comes as no surprise that I love the ones who are brave enough to create in a world that doesn’t nearly value art as much as profit and productivity.

Art gathers, art unites, art is not afraid to ask questions, challenge and spark change.

L’artiste is written for all creatives and artists. Even the ones who don’t call themselves that (yet). Perhpas it’s you? You’re in excellent company here.

You being here means you value creativity, self-expression, beauty and community. You understand we all have creative urges that, if left unattended, can eat us from inside. You know that art has the power to spark change around you and that’s something you give a shit about. There’s a high chance you’re a bit quirky, weird or nerdy too. That’s just my kind of people.

I know that choosing the creative path is not easy. It is vulnerable and can feel pretty lonely. This is why I write these letters. To figure out life as a creative human who tries most of the time not to be a dick (I’d say “pardon my French” but that almost feels too easy) and find community amongst the crazy ones who live to create. Also, as a creative coach who specialises in self-doubt, I will strive to share some wisdom and encouragement along the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new format, which will be part essay / part inspiration / part news, and hopefully a companion you’ll look forward to receiving.



Picture by Alice Alinari via Unsplash

Take it from Maya. Expressing your creative urges is as vital as looking after one’s health. And feeding your inner artist is essential to a more fulfilled life.

So whatever happens in the coming days, I urge you to make a promise to yourself that you will tend to your creative self.

It is NEVER not needed.

If you’re a first time reader, welcome.

If you’ve been here since the first iteration of this newsletter, “Hello Tim (my husband) 👋 thanks for sticking through all the weird shit I do”.

Much love, and creativity, always.

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