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Lucy Lucraft

Lucy Lucraft has been known around the internet for sharing her unapologetic views on business and blogging, motherhood, veganism, zero waste, and social justice. She is a freelance journalist, a blogger and podcaster who shares ethical conscious content for bloggers keen to make blogging their job. She creates courses and consults for bloggers and small businesses on her areas of expertise: Pinterest, SEO, Podcasting, Freelance Writing.

It’s difficult to sum up Lucy in a few words because she so unique and refreshing you have to know her to fully grasp the energy she brings into a room.

I met her last November on a chilly Sunday afternoon in her home in Brighton. Lucy just radiates honesty, from her simple yet slightly rebellious style to her heartwarming laugh. She made me feel at home straight away.

We could have chatted for hours. Actually, we kind of did! I felt like I was like catching up with a long lost friend. It was a deep and diverse conversation and I just can’t wait for you to meet her.

Lucy’s words:

+ On finding your why

“I don’t think you need to search for it. I think the point is you just do what you want to do, create the content you want to create because your why will just come to you. It might not happen quickly. But eventually, it will come to you. Often, people will see your why before you can.”

+ On needing a blueprint

“You need to see yourself to feel like you are seen. That’s where women can get really bogged down – I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t do it. I need someone to show me how to do it.”

+ On perfectionism

“I very consciously share any mistakes or whenever I don’t meet a standard because otherwise I would keep it to myself and feel ashamed and that’s just not good. That’s not good for anybody.”

+ On motherhood

“You don’t need to become a mother to fulfill your potential but for me, it had an incredibly positive effect on so much stuff. My body positivity, my creativity…”

+ On the transition into womanhood

“I remember it being shameful. I remember feeling gross and embarrassed a lot of the time.”

+ On feminism

“All feminism should be intersectional as a start. If you’re a feminist only lifting up women that look like you I guess it’s about looking at why you do that, because that’s proliferating white supremacy. I’m totally in training on everything, I’m learning so much all the time and always seeking ways to learn. The journey will be messy and uncomfortable. You’re probably going to find out things about yourself that you don’t feel great about and that’s totally ok because in the journey, you’re gonna become a better person.”

+ On honing your voice

“You have to keep reading, keep writing. Keep immersing yourself with things that align with your values because it is a dance: finding your values, your why, your voice… it’s a process and you can’t do one without the other. Always ask yourself when you’re using your voice: Is this honest? Because if it isn’t, then you’re not using your voice.”

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A Voice of One's Own Pocast Episode 2 - Lucy Lucraft

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And of course her infamous Instagram post about teaching her daughter the word vulva.

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