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I help artists and creatives who want to have an impact through their work, befriend their self-doubt and feel braver in their life and creative work - so they can stop procrastinating and bring their creative goals to life.


A voice of One's Own Podcast - Marie Kenny

This podcast has been months in the making. I could give you a mile long list (which would be strange since I speak in kilometres) of all the reasons why this project took a back seat.

But if I’m honest, what was really getting in my way was fear. The fear of not getting this right. The fear of sharing something imperfect. Of using the wrong words. Of using my raw voice in this new, unfamiliar way.

It took me a long plane ride sans wifi to finally get the words out of me. Somehow, the simple process of putting pen to paper brought me back to a pre-internet era. To my childhood bedroom with the flowery wallpaper and the tiny desk by the heater. It reminded me of the simple act of storytelling, in its truest form, a way of making meaning for myself in the hope that it will resonate with somebody out there.

So as I grabbed my notebook and silently cursed the man sitting next to me for taking too much elbow space, I took a glance over a shrinking Table Mountain from the plane window, and the words started to flow.

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Living a meaningful creative life means taking risks and getting used to the idea of failing very publicly. Showing parts of yourself that you may not have entirely figured out yet. It means taking the risk to not be understood or received like you intended. It means holding your shivering heart, take a deep breath and practicing courage every day.

So why do we keep doing it if it’s so scary?

Because the alternative, not living a creative life, not expressing oneself fully, is simply not an option.

So we create. We write. We play. We dance. We perform. We ride the wave of uncertainty and doubt, holding onto something deep inside that knows. Your voice matters. Your unique experiences, your unique quirks and the way you look at life matter. Speaking your truth can set you free.

And I wholeheartedly believe​ that free and fulfilled artists can have a powerful impact on the world around them. I believe that when we use our true, unedited voice, meaningful change can be sparked.

That doesn’t make it less scary.

Sharing my story feels all kinds of risky and intimidating, vulnerable even. But this podcast comes from a desire to heal myself and others. To inspire anyone who listens to explore their voice in a playful and compassionate manner, and see what they could find in the process. It’s about getting to know yourself and what may have been holding you back. It’s about feeling part of a wider community. It’s about belonging.

Through a collection of intimate conversations, the show will bring to life stories of women. Women who create, challenge, inspire, heal and lead. Women who have found their voice, are still searching or just beginning.

So here it is. May this podcast be a safe and inspiring place for you to explore, play with and reclaim this beautiful voice of yours. May this be an invitation for you to embrace your wholeness and step into the most creative, magical and untamed version of yourself.

If anything, I hope this inspires you to take creative risks, and find some peace in the self-doubt sh*t storm that comes with it.

Welcome to episode one of A Voice of One’s Own. I’m so glad you’re here.

I talk about:

+ Growing up with the soul of an artist and not fitting in
+ How adulting made me lose touch with my creative urges
+ How I found coaching
+ Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition
+ The healing power of your voice
+ How this podcast was born
+ Why your voice matter

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Other voices mentioned

Brené Brown – The actual quote is “unexpressed creativity is not benign”
Sas Petherick and her podcast Courage & Spice

Intro quotes by:

Oprah Winfrey
Maya Angelou
Nina Simone

A voice of one's own Episode 1 - The healing power of your voice with Marie

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  1. Alexia says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Can’t wait for more inspiring and empowering stories and encounters. As a creative (photographic artist) it feels wonderful to recognise a journey and feel a connection with a community. Thank you Marie!!

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