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I help artists and creatives who want to have an impact through their work, befriend their self-doubt and feel braver in their life and creative work - so they can stop procrastinating and bring their creative goals to life.


Dearest, gentle reader.

(Yeah, so I may have been binging Bridgerton this week. Anyone else? I even got Tim to watch with me – I mean, poor man didn’t have a choice as I claimed both TV and remote… I digress.)

Last week, I wrote about how support comes from within. And while I wholeheartedly believe it, I got a little bit ahead of myself. Getting to that point can take significant work depending on how much self-doubt we’ve gathered along the way, and often requires external support first.

In this issue, I’d like to take you through some of the concrete ways in which coaching can provide invaluable structure, support and accountability as an artist.

First up, I think we can all agree that the idea of creative coaching is not so mainstream for artists. A lot of creatives and artists I speak to haven’t even heard of it, and neither had I until a few years ago. 

But as I’ve seen it for myself and my clients, having someone in your corner to support and help you integrate all aspects of you (personal, emotional, creative, professional…) can positively affect the trajectory of your life as an artist.

Before I dig into it, let it be known that I bloody LOVE working with artists.

I have found that most artists are fiercely independent, highly original thought leaders. Artists also have the best way of thinking and viewing the world in a unique, magical way.

And artists can be amongst the most intuitive, self-aware, generous people. (Blushing yet?)

That being said, living a creative life does come with its share of doubts, perfectionism, procrastination and feeling quite lonely from going against the grain.

1. Creative coaching is the palette to your paint

(Yip it didn’t take me long to bring you a cheesy, yet related metaphor!) If you try to mix paint without some sort of surface or container, it would just ooze and spread all over the place, right? That’s kind of what it’s like trying to navigate your artistic journey by yourself. Coaching provides a container (if you like coachy jargon)—or safe space where you can pour all your ideas, fears and aspirations without them getting lost and muddled in the chaos of everyday life.

A space to bring all your shit out in the open with zero judgement? Sign me up.

2. Creative coaching brings accountability to serial procrastinators

If, like me, you have heaps of barely started or half finished projects gathering dust, I see you. If you tend to procrastinate or struggle with perfectionism, finishing a creative project all by yourself can feel like trying to put a toddler to bed. Good freakin’ luck to you (unless you have kids who love sleep, in which case congratulations, you won the genetic lottery). 

Dreams are beautiful and important, but they need structure to become reality. They require clear goals and actionable steps.

A coach helps you break down those big dreams into bite-sized pieces that are actually doable. Want to have your first solo exhibition? Mais bien sûr! Let’s map out the steps—from creating a body of work to finding a venue and marketing yourself effectively. Each step becomes less daunting when it’s part of a plan.

3. Creative coaching brings unwavering support

Ever feel like no one really gets what you’re trying to do? (Story of my life.) Having the kind of  unwavering support and encouragement from someone who is in the creative trenches with you can make a huge difference in your self belief. It’s like having your very own personal cheerleader / advisor / mentor / big sister / gentle (but firm) derrière kicker all in one.

4. There’s no clarity like after a coaching session

If have found creative minds tend to be more cluttered than most (especially if you add a sprinkle of neurodivergence to the mix). So much so that we often can’t see the wood for the trees. A coach helps you sift through the noise to find clarity on what truly matters to you and your art. Untangling your stream of consciousness (or “word vomit” like a client once called it) to extract patterns, needs and real desires (you know, the ones you don’t even want to admit to yourself) is kind of a superpower of mine.

5. A Creative Coach can hold your wildest dreams for you and see you beyond your Internal Stories

I’ve said it before: your brain is full of brilliance, but it is also full of shit. As artists, our self-doubt tends to work overtime. It whispers (or sometimes screams) things like You’re not good enoughWho do you think you are? or You’ll never make it and that colour looks dreadful on you. A coach sees beyond your internal stories’ BS and reminds you of your worth and potential (great jersey by the way 👌). 

A coach holds your dreams tenderly but firmly, even before you can muster up the courage to believe in them yourself. Having someone who sees not just where you are now but where you could be is powerful stuff.

And no, it’s not just sound bite fluff. I work with proven methodology and evidence based tools to help you uncover hidden blocks, patterns or untapped potentials within yourself and feel resourced to move forward.

6. A Creative Coach helps you be more courageous

Courage isn’t about feeling no fear; it’s about acting despite it. And as you know—being an artist is scary as hell sometimes. Putting your heart and soul out there for the world to see takes guts.

A coach helps build your courage muscles by encouraging small acts of bravery that add up over time, without completely freaking out your nervous system in the process. 

Whether it’s submitting your work to that gallery you’ve been eyeing or finally launching that online shop you’ve been dreaming about, you’ll find yourself growing stronger and more confident with each courageous step.

7. A Creative Coach brings you invaluable Business expertise

Raise your hand if you got into art for the love of business! No one, really? 😆

I hate to break it to you but marketing, business strategies, networking—all those non-artsy things still matter BIG TIME if you want to succeed as an artist.

Coaches often come with expertise in these areas or have networks they can tap into on your behalf. They can help demystify the business side of being an artist so you’re not just creating amazing work but also getting it out there where people can see (and buy) it.

So yes, coaching isn’t just for athletes or corporate execs—it can be tailor-made for artists too. If you’re ready to take decisive action towards embracing your worth and legitimacy as an artist or creative entrepreneur, consider finding yourself a creative coach who resonates with you.

Remember: You deserve to thrive creatively AND professionally. because art fucking matters and the world needs yours.

And hey—if this has lit even the tiniest spark in you about exploring coaching further—I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line; let’s chat about how I can help you make bad ass artistry together.

Much love and creativity, always.

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