Your secret weapon to more sales and super fans in your creative business

Email List Mastery


You've probably heard many times that nurturing your email list is crucial to your creative career or business but you may be feeling lost, confused, time-poor, or just stressed about the whole damn thing.

I totally get it. I did too. It is now one of my favourite things to do, and I'd love to share my tips and strategy with you.

Are you tired of spending hours creating content that will only be seen by a handful of people?

Yip, You got literally nothing to lose.


A recording will be available afterwards if you cannot attend live.

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14:00 SAST / 12:00 (noon) UK time


 WHAT We'll cover


Why your email list is your most important business asset and how  social media can be a powerful means, not the end goal.



How to set up your email list
and a killer welcome sequence, what lead magnets are and why you need one.



Format, frequency and what the hell to talk about in your emails, including how to ask for the sale in a way that is soulful and aligned with who you are.



It wouldn't be me if I didn't bring an element of self-belief in the process, right? When we're aware of how self-doubt tends to sabotage our best efforts, it's easier to keep on track.


You are an artist or creative entrepreneur

You're tired of relying on marketing platforms you don't own and that can change the rules at the flick of a switch

You want more time creating, less time figuring out the whole damn thing

You want to connect to an audience that is already sold on you

Is this workshop for me?

you might be wondering...

Hold up, wait a minute!

But what about...

That makes two of us. I'm a one person team, so I'm all about saving time and energy on techy stuff so I can focus on my work, creativity and connection with my people. 

But what if I'm only a one person team?

Nope. You can totally start for free. And while there are some paying options that may be useful in the future, (which, I learnt the hard way are not necessary) I will show you how to start on no budget at all.

Am I going to need a huge budget? I don't have that!

The workshop is one hour long and will give you all the info you need to start / spruce up your email list. While it's hard to tell how much time you'll need to set it all up (depending on where you are at the moment), it is definitely worth it in the long run. Did I mention your email list is your most precious asset?

And what kind of time investment does this take? I don't have very much extra time.

In a previous life, I was in charge of customer relations and communication for a big French brand in South Africa, and went on to work as a clients account manager in advertising. And while I'm glad my corporate days are behind me (IYKYK), I did learn a thing or two that I use in my business daily. 

What makes you qualified to talk about this?

If you are ready to invest your time into a marketing asset you own, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, this workshop is like the roadmap you've been looking for!


Because I believe the world needs more fulfilled and self-actualised artists who use their creativity to shape the communities we want to live in.

I’m a certified self-belief coach for artists and creatives with self-doubt. I am a musician, lover of art and words, and a loud car singer. I’m a big thinker and even bigger feeler who needs loads of alone time to recharge but love to be in the company of like-minded souls.

After 3 decades in the arts, I know first hand how self-doubt, conditioning, comparison and limiting beliefs can interfere with your creativity and wellbeing, and ability to see projects through.

And I'm on a mission to change that.


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