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Black Friday is upon us. But before giving into the unnecessary shopping frenzy it causes, you can use this time of year to review your priorities. So if you’re up to change the rules a little bit, I thought we could play a minimalist game in the spirit of busting Black Friday.

Busting Black Friday: A Minimalist Game

Marie Kenny - Busting Black Friday - Declutter Your Mailbox

In My Life

I used to do the whole corporate thing. You know, the thing you think you should be doing. The thing that destroys your soul a little bit more every day. The thing that makes you swap your Converse and torn jeans for pencil skirts and heels. The thing that makes you count the days until your next holiday and until your next paycheque. The thing that makes you question whether you’ll ever be happy as a grown up.

That Time I Fell Into Minimalism

Minimalist Chair

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