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Dear fellow artist, courageous creative soul,
I hear you say you “self-sabotage” over and over again.
I’d like to challenge this thought.

Uncover your creative monsters: a first step towards overcoming your creative blocks

Illustration of 3 creative monsters


The first few strokes were clumsy, the sound not quite connected. My fingers timidly attempted to find their place on the neck of my instrument, only too aware of the reverence of the moment. As the sound started resonating against my chest and in the room around me, I remember feeling something that felt out […]

Can art really change the world?


Even after 10 years of living in the Southern Hemisphere, I find it strange to be in the middle of Winter in July. July for me is synonymous with my birthday, with evenings that stretch well past our usual bedtime, with the long-awaited Summer school holidays and eating raspberries out of a little wooden punnet […]

How to embrace seasonal creativity to overcome creative blocks

Mug and notebooks on bed


This is the unusual story of how “A Breath of White Space” was born, a podcast for creatives about creativity, being a human and how simplicity can help along the way.

An Unusual Podcast Birth Story

A Breath of White Space


If you’ve ever wondered how to fit an elephant into a jar, you’re in luck. This is what I’ll be covering in this blog post. That, and more generally how to create a cinemagraph the simple way, on your iPhone.

How to create a cinemagraph: the simple edition


Sufficient white space in our lives is essential not only to our wellbeing but to our work too. As a creative person, your mind is likely to be pulled in a million different directions, and we tend to surrender to the idea because of a skewed belief that the messier the mind, the more creative. While there is some truth to creative minds being somewhat “messy”, this doesn’t mean an overly busy brain is good for your creativity. Quite the opposite.

How to make white space in your creative life

Feed Your Creativity With White Space