It's a life long self-discovery process. 

That's why I believe in helping you fine tune your inner compass and gather your own set of tools and strategies to allow your creativity to flourish, while sparking a sense of enchantment for your own path.

In this space, we give the middle finger to the skewed idea that one must suffer to be creative.

alright love, ready to colour outside the lines?

Our coaching space is part sanctuary / part playground where you get to uncover your habits and thought tendencies, explore your purpose, vision and goals, and contemplate your creative practice from a fresh perspective. I’ll meet you exactly where you are and tailor your coaching experience to you, so that we can unearth your inner resources and the body of work longing to come to life.

My coaching is based on intuition, nurturing, curiosity and uncensored play.

EACH artist's journey is unique.

To be deeply connected to your creativity and what creative living looks like for you?

To find the confidence to show up as an artist unapologetically, and make bold moves in your career?
To find more headspace, clarity and confidence to allow your vision to come to life?

How would it feel

Here's how we can work together:

once off
90 min coaching SESSION TO find clarity and focus

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A transformative coaching experience

I felt so scattered and lost when I started working with Marie, and within weeks I'd gained clarity, resolve and peace with what I wanted to do with my year ahead. The tools she gave me were practical, calming and so nurturing and the results I achieved were more than I'd expected. I have pivoted my business and am finally working the hours I want to, and earning what I need. That's made a massive difference to my life!
Marie is AMAZING. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

Lucy Lucraft