Monthly musings
in audio format.

From Cape Town,
with love.

The idea of Voice Notes was borne out of my love for the spoken word and a desire to nurture real connections.

My beloved subscribers invite me into the sacred space that is their mailbox, and I take that trust pretty seriously. I strive to nurture these connections and offer them something intimate, relaxed, uplifting and unique.

By subscribing, you'll get to hear my accent, a colourful mix of Southern Hemisphere twang intertwined with my French roots. You'll hear me stumble upon words too, because if words roll off my pen, they tend to get stuck on my tongue. And you'll get to join in on my musings on a new topic every month.

If listening isn't your thing, you'll also find the transcript of the audio as well as voices that have inspired me lately and that I think you will enjoy too.

Why voice notes?

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