Your light, your quirks, your joy, your vision.
Your doubt, your anger, your fear, your resistance.

Because we don't create in a vacuum. Everything we experience and feel trickles down to our creative practice. In an ideal world, we would all have a beautiful creative space, healthy boundaries, a rock solid mindset, unlimited time, resources and inspiration. But we don't.

Instead of letting this come in the way of creating work that matters, how about we lean in a little more? How about we embrace the set of circumstances we've been dealt and turn it into something powerful?

I'm here to help you unfold them.

(And yes, this is the last butterfly pic. I'm sure you got the point by now.)

perhaps somewhere down the line, you forgot you had wings. 

In this space we explore you. All of you.

Coaching will take you on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with the most daring and creatives parts of yourself. Together, we dwell in the uncomfortable, the messy, the uncertainty. We unravel conditioning, untangle stories, challenge the status quo, we push boundaries. We dive deep.

But mostly, we seek joy, fulfilment and purpose in the act of creating. 

I’m here to help you reclaim your inner badass artist. The one who is aching to take creative risks and leave a mark on this world. The one who wants to take flight.


Deeply connect to your creativity and what living in flow looks like for you

Find focused, creative flow and help you understand how resistance shows up for you

Declutter your mind and life so you are crystal clear on your direction and next steps

Gather your own set of tools and strategies to navigate the bouts of doubt that are bound to creep up on your artist’s journey

Reconnect with and reclaim the most daring parts of yourself, take creative risks and make bold moves in your career

Reconnect to your body and learn to listen to your intuition (I'm not scared to venture into woo territories, using embodiment tools, meditation, visualisation and rituals - that stuff's powerful!)

Become your own self-coach, because hand holding might be cute in a Beatles song but it won’t help you grow as an artist and human in the long run


Enlightening, supportive, purpose-driven coaching

Before coaching, I was not sure how I would measure success. I didn't think it could make me change profoundly at this stage in my life.

I can now see my life's purpose. I have a clear path ahead with goalposts to aim for. Everything seems so simple now that the clutter of both physical stuff and old beliefs has been removed. With Marie by your side, you will feel safe and supported in this process of self discovery. And who knows, it might lead you onto the most unexpected and marvelous journey.

Anouchka Lototsky

atelier 21

I have always known deep down that I have the soul of an artist. I've been a musician my whole life and have a deep love for writing and design. Creativity gave me a playground in which to explore who I was and express myself in a unique way. After losing my way in the corporate world for a few years, I got sick and flirted with burnout. I went through a journey of deep transformation and found the way home to myself through coaching and creativity. I now coach fellow artists to nurture a meaningful and unapologetic creative life so that they can spark all kinds of magical things around them. 

I believe the world needs more fulfilled and self-actualised artists who use their creativity to spark change. 

Steven Pressfield

"The body of work of a great artist feels like a journey that is unfolding."


Unsolicited playlist suggestions  


in which we’ll explore in depth the goals you want to achieve during our time together

5x 60-minute SKYPE coaching sessions

unlimited email & VOICE NOTE support between sessions

an unwavering cheerleader

Weekly tasks to get you clear and focused

worksheets and tools you can refer back to

who may or may not have solo dance parties when you crack on with your goals

every two weeks for three months

An in-depth pre-coaching questionnaire

 to kick start your journey and reflect on where you are as well as where you want to go


Coaching with Marie is a real gift

I've been able to express who I am with confidence, and to challenge the negative beliefs I've been holding. I didn't think I would be able to access these feelings of strength, stability and confidence within myself for a very long time. Coaching with Marie is like talking to a friend, an ally who gets it. Who knows the questions to ask, and the tools to offer you and who isn't afraid to dwell in the uncomfortable areas with you.

Ellen Carr

Being Change



Birthday month special 36% off

3 monthly payments of $225

(you save $375 off $1,050)
Spaces are limited. Offer valid for the month of July 2020.


Got questions ?

3 monthly payments of R3,300

(South African residents save R5,600 off R15 500)
Spaces are limited. Offer valid for the month of July 2020.


5% of my earnings will be donated to fight gender based violence in South Africa.

The Tears foundation is a woman led organisation that provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse in South Africa.

Because it’s important to remember that while we’re all impacted by one pandemic, gender based violence is another one too many are impacted by. So by investing in yourself and your growth, know that you'll be giving back too.

Ready to do this?


If you’re curious about coaching with me, you can book a no obligation, complimentary chat of 30 min, when you can ask me any burning questions you might have and chat about what you’re hoping to get out of coaching.