Your light, your quirks, your joy, your vision.
Your doubt, your anger, your fear, your resistance.

I'm here to help you unfold them.

Instead of letting this come in the way of creating work that matters, how about we lean in a little more and turn it into something powerful?

perhaps somewhere down the line, you forgot you had wings. 

Does this sound familiar:

You have big creative ambitions but you feel like self-doubt is keeping you from reaching your true creative potential and living a more fulfilled life.

You know deep down that your work matters and deserves to be seen in broad daylight. But it feels incredibly vulnerable and scary.

You want to take action towards your goals but lack clarity and direction and feel overwhelmed by the business side of art.

And that's totally normal because we don't create in a vacuum. Everything we experience and feel trickles down to our creative practice.

I’m here to help you reclaim your inner badass artist. The one who is aching to take creative risks and leave a mark on this world. The one who wants to take flight.

What if I told you that you can courageously face your self-doubt while pursuing your creative dreams in a way that totally lights you up?

Deeply connect to your creativity and be immersed in your most creative life

Find focused, creative flow to birth your best work

Uncover more headspace, clarity and confidence to allow your vision to come to life

Reclaim the most daring parts of yourself and take courageous steps towards your goals

Unapologetically share your work with the world

Reconnect to your body and learn to listen to your intuition (I'm not scared to venture into woo territories, using embodiment tools, meditation, visualisation and rituals - that stuff's powerful!)

Imagine for a moment how would it feel to:

If that resonates with you, I’ve created a COACHING serieS,
which I think would be perfect for you:

A six-month 1:1 coaching journey to untangle from self-doubt, unearth your creative genius and show up wholeheartedly in your life and work


I designed this coaching series for fellow wholehearted, free-spirited artists and creatives like you.

• Connect to the vision of what might be possible for you in your life and creative career

• Set courageous goals to get there + be crystal clear on your next steps (instead of second guessing your every move)

• Start to understand and heal the root causes of your self-doubt, so that you feel resourced to respond in healthy ways when your self-doubt is activated

• Gather your own set of tools and strategies to support you on your artist’s journey, because hand holding might be cute in a Beatles song but it won’t help you grow as an artist and human in the long run

• Design nourishing & aligned creative practice and habits that fuel your creative endeavours

• Proven strategies to cultivate solid self-belief and show up courageously in the creative industry and in front of your audience

• Design a sustainable art career and creative business strategy so you can sell your art soulfully


I support my clients using my signature framework,
the Unfolding Method, based on three principles:








Unsolicited playlist suggestions  


in which we’ll explore in depth the goals you want to achieve during our time together

11x 60-minute coaching sessions

unlimited email & VOICE NOTE support between sessions

an unwavering cheerleader

Weekly tasks to get you clear and focused

worksheets and tools you can refer back to

who may or may not have solo dance parties when you crack on with your goals

held on Zoom every two weeks for six months

An in-depth pre-coaching questionnaire

 to kick start your journey and reflect on where you are as well as where you want to go

for feedback and accountability

What makes           different?


As a musician and artist, I know first hand how self-doubt, conditioning, comparison, limiting beliefs and thought patterns can interfere with your creativity and ability to see projects through. And as a coach, I saw this come up for my clients time and time again. This is why, in addition to my prior coaching qualification, I decided to specialise as a self-belief coach under Master Coach and Self-Doubt Researcher Sas Petherick.

Under her guidance, I have learned a proven self-doubt methodology, which has equipped me with powerful tools, deep knowledge and evidence-based approaches to be able to support you at the highest level, through your self-doubt.

My coaching expertise is also informed by my experience in the marketing and advertising industries, as well as my absolute passion for and three decades of experience in the arts.

• A clear vision and strategy for your creative career

• A much deeper understanding of how self-doubt shows up for you in your life and creative practice, and tools to respond in healthy ways when it is activated so that you can tap into your deepest creative potential

• A growing sense of your innate strengths, gifts and self-belief so that you can be braver in your life and work

By the end of our time together, you will have:

In this space we explore you. All of you.

Coaching will take you on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with the most daring and creatives parts of yourself. Together, we dwell in the uncomfortable, the messy, the uncertainty. We unravel conditioning, untangle stories, challenge the status quo, we push boundaries. We dive deep.

But mostly, we seek joy, fulfilment and purpose in the act of creating. 


If you’ve read this far, I’m gonna hasard a yes. But here’s what you can expect from this experience:


A transformative coaching experience

I felt so scattered and lost when I started working with Marie, and within weeks I'd gained clarity, resolve and peace with what I wanted to do with my year ahead. The tools she gave me were practical, calming and so nurturing and the results I achieved were more than I'd expected. I have pivoted my business and am finally working the hours I want to, and earning what I need. That's made a massive difference to my life!
Marie is AMAZING. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

Lucy Lucraft


I’m a certified creative coach and self-doubt expert. I have always known deep down that I have the soul of an artist. I've been a musician my whole life and have a deep love for writing and design. Creativity gave me a playground in which to explore who I was and express myself in a unique way. After losing my way in the corporate world for a few years, I got sick and flirted with burnout. I went through a journey of deep transformation and found the way home to myself through coaching and creativity. I now coach fellow artists to nurture a meaningful and unapologetic creative life so that they can spark all kinds of magical things around them. 

I'm MARIE, and I believe the world needs more fulfilled and self-actualised artists who use their creativity to spark change. 

I dream of a world where women believe in their inherent power and worth, unleash their creative genius and lead with heart, compassion & purpose.

It would be rude not to continue with official introductions, wouldn’t it?



or six monthly
payments of €400



I felt energised to set goals & take action towards achieving them

Before I coached with Marie, my personal and creative needs were the last priority in my life. As adults - especially self employed creatives there is little time for reflection and there is no-one but yourself to hold you accountable or stretch you, or encourage you to think differently.

Since working with Marie, I've been able to grow taller, speak louder and create more. Marie has a way of encouraging you to question yourself to find solutions - understanding that the answers are already in you but don't know how to embrace them. 

Bernadette Griffin



Connection, Creativity, Compassion.

Marie will surprise you with insight and intuition that will help you see yourself and own your story, so that you can step into yourself authentically! I have more clarity and confidence in the things I want to achieve and am less apologetic for meeting my own needs.

Working with Marie was a wonderful experience, and whilst I'm still at the beginning of my journey I feel very excited about what is to come. She has filled me with so much belief and compassion for myself that I feel much stronger now. I am very grateful to have had this time with her. I just wish we had more sessions because every single one was massively impactful!

Natalie Jeffreys-Jones



Enlightening, supportive, purpose-driven coaching

Before coaching, I was not sure how I would measure success. I didn't think it could make me change profoundly at this stage in my life.

I can now see my life's purpose. I have a clear path ahead with goalposts to aim for. Everything seems so simple now that the clutter of both physical stuff and old beliefs has been removed. With Marie by your side, you will feel safe and supported in this process of self discovery. And who knows, it might lead you onto the most unexpected and marvelous journey.

Anouchka Lototsky

atelier 21

Ready to do this?


If you’re curious about coaching with me, you can book a no obligation, complimentary chat of 30 min, when you can ask me any burning questions you might have and chat about what you’re hoping to get out of coaching.