There are times along our creative journey when things feel slightly off pitch. That's when we need a place to land, reflect, reconnect and strategise.

These single coaching sessions are meant to be this space for you. Together we'll explore whatever might be holding you back right now, untangle your thoughts and help you find clarity around your next steps.

These sessions can be take on their own or in a sequence. They are also a great way to dip your toes into coaching with me.

What do you most need help with right now?




This is for you if

This session focuses on the practical aspects of your creative practice and career. Whether it is physical, digital or mental clutter holding you back, we’ll work at helping you simplify and organise so that you can find more focus in your work and clarity around your creative projects.

This is for you if

In this intensive sesison, I help you identify and remove the blocks that prevent you from bringing your body of work to life. Whether you need help starting or finishing your work, I can help you design a nourishing & aligned creative routine that fuels your creative endeavours.

You know deep down that your work deserve to be seen in broad day light. But it feels incredibly vulnerable and scary. This session focuses on turning the fear into excitement and cultivating the confidence to share your voice, vision and work out in the open in a way that feels right to you.

This is for you if

You feel mis-aligned or creatively blocked

You feel overwhelmed, unclear, distracted

You need help sharing your voice & WORK



over Zoom or in person (Cape Town, South Africa)

2 WEEKS OF email support

pre-coaching questionnaire

for me to get to know you and for you to get clear about what you’d like to explore during our session


for added accountability and support


Empowering, Magical, Inspiring

I have rediscovered my voice!! It literally sounds stronger and clearer, and I know this is because Marie has given me the confidence and skills to be able to unblock myself and know my worth. It's been such an incredible transformation. I am no longer holding back.

Coaching with Marie is like hanging out with my inner child. She asks questions that allow me to explore exactly what it is my heart wants, and she does it in a very intuitive, playful way.

Marie has been like a breath of fresh air, reminding me what I am capable of and that the most important thing I can do is use my voice to strive for what I want- inspiring people!

Siobhan Lumsden




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