Does this sound familiar:

You have big creative ambitions and you enjoy the idea of goals but never seem to follow through.

You want to take action towards your goals but lack clarity and direction and feel overwhelmed by too many ideas and the business side of art.

Perhaps you don’t know how to set goals or avoid them altogether.

And you tend to blame yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Whether we are goal-driven or goal adverse, working towards bringing our creative goals and dreams to life can wake our deepest self-doubt stories and question our capacity to achieve them.

As artists and creatives, the idea of goal setting is often synonymous with a rigid, outdated business world and linear planning that does not make room for our circumstances, creativity and humanness.

I believe that there is a different way to think about goals.

I believe that setting courageous goals that are centered around our lived experience, unique self-doubt stories, creativity and natural cycles can feel truly delicious.

I believe in creating rituals over habits. I believe in using our inner compass over a map designed by somebody else.

I believe that artists deserve to feel like empowered sovereign business owners while taking strategic action towards their dreams. 

I believe in a new kind of leadership. Leadership based on creativity, embodiment, compassion, cycles and community.

And I happen to believe that it starts with setting crystal clear, courage-based goals.

What if I told you that in one hour of your time, you could set a clear, magnetic goal and a plan to achieve it in the next 30 days?

If that sounds like your jam, I'm delighted to extend a personal invitation:

LEARN A courage-based approach to take focused action and unlock your creative dreams

Goal Setting Alchemy

During this hour-long circle, I will hold space for your creative dreams and we’ll explore how to set clear goals rooted in evidence-based principles and self-belief methodology, as well as help you plan consistent action to achieve them.

I will invite you into my own creative and business practices and let you experiment for yourself in the safety of our circle.

Think of this hour as a gift to yourself, your creativity and business.

• Why you might be holding back, feeling overwhelmed or even a bit defeated when it comes to setting goals for your creativity or creative business

• How your self-doubt shows up for you when you set or take action towards your creative goals 

• How to keep showing up for your creative dreams even when you are uninspired or feel like nothing you do is good enough

• A proven methodology to set goals and plan for them in an aligned, sustainable way

We'll explorE:

At the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with:

• A better understanding of why linear, time-based plans don’t tend to work for you
• A clear, courage-based goal to work towards over the next month or moon cycle
• An actionable plan full of doable actions to bring your goal to life that makes room for your emotions, resistance and setbacks
• The courage to keep taking action consistently, no matter how small
• Feeling more supported in the business side of your creativity

This is for you if:

• You are an artist, creative business owner or human who loves to do creative things
• You want to take strategic action in your creative life but do not subscribe to the idea of burnout and pushing through no matter what
• You are looking for ways to make space for your self-doubt, natural cycles, and unique set of circumstances in your creative practice
• You either live and breathe rituals in your creative life or are curious about them
• You are willing to try new things, take courageous steps and disrupt the status quo


We’ll meet in a “room of our own” on Zoom.
Hosted by me, Marie Kenny, creative coach, self-doubt expert, business owner and artist.
Bring your favourite beverage, a candle, and any special objects that fuel your creativity and sense of ritual.
All participants will receive a workbook to follow along, and a replay will be available for 5 days after the workshop.

Tuesday 7th September 2021 on the new moon
11:00 - 12:00 South African time (GMT+2)

You can check time differences here

Marie Kenny is a musician, creative coach & self-doubt expert who wholeheartedly believes that artists and creatives can spark all kinds of magical things in the world through their work, while giving the middle finger to the myth of the tortured artist.

She is passionate about infusing an evidence-based coaching methodology with her lifelong love of the arts to help her clients manifest their true potential. She helps fellow artists untangle from self-doubt, unearth their creative genius and be braver in their life and work.

Her son however would prefer it if she were a ninja.

I'm MARIE, and I believe the world needs more fulfilled and self-actualised artists who use their creativity to spark change. 

I dream of a world where women believe in their inherent power and worth, unleash their creative genius and lead with heart, compassion & purpose.

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