Episode 5 – The Podcast is coming back!


My podcast is coming back from the dead. Yeah, I know! 
If you didn’t know, I started a podcast in a pre-pandemic world all the way back in 2019 called A Voice of One’s Own. The idea was to interview in person women from different cities and countries, talking about finding your voice as a woman. Which was awesome but also not particularly sustainable.
Hence the hiatus.
That being said, I still love the audio format, having grown up with France Inter and France Musique playing in my parents’ kitchen from breakfast to dinner. In recent years, I have been an avid podcast listener, following all sorts of topics and genres. So I decided to bring this form of content back into my work, with a slightly changed format.
I recorded a very brief re-introduction, which, upon listening, is full of imperfections. But the point is, it is out there. Which frees space for me to focus on the next episode. And the one after. Making progress with each one. Expanding my nervous system’s capacity to tolerate the exposure gradually.
That’s why I am getting over the fact I don’t have a perfect recording set up (a very common self-doubt stalling strategy!) and trust that my ideas are worth sharing, my voice matters, and that something that may seem obvious to me now might not be to everyone else listening. 
A Voice of One's Own Podcast Cover

If anything, I hope this inspires you to take creative risks, and find some peace in the self-doubt sh*t storm that comes with it.

Welcome to episode one of A Voice of One’s Own. Again. I’m so glad you’re here.

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